The MA-RS system includes the latest technology in the field of separation and filtration of particles, bacterial growth control (patent pending) and electronic control to ensure the highest quality water at the lowest operating cost.

Continuous operation heavy-duty equipments , depending on the application.

Models from 12 to 2500 m3/day.

  • Compact design built on platform or inside container
  • Equipment developed in order to ensure reliable operation and low operating costs
  • Stainless steel structure lacquered platform and reinforced polyester fiberglass eliminates corrosion problems
  • Low power consumption with electronic control of all pumps and instant feedback of operational parameter
  • Electronic monitoring. Digital  or touch screen, depending on the model. The operating parameters are controlled in situ and remotely via the Internet (optional for models with touch screen)
  • Different specifications depending on the quality of the feed water (3500/6000 ppm)
  • Touch Screen (standard depending on model)
  • Parameter control via internet (standard depending on model)