Each MAGIC range pressure boosting systems are designed to meet golf course specific needs and have a control method that meets all the demands of operation. Pressure boosting can be controlled remotely via internet.

The use of high-performance stainless steel pumps built in 316 and their control by frequency drives of the latest generation, supply and ensure reliable operation with low energy consumption in all conditions. The units are provided ready to be installed and all components are assembled and tested at factory by MAGIC.

The groups are supplied in compact units with appropriate design for easy component maintenance. Depending on the size, with quick coupling between hydraulic components, with easy access to all parts and include shutoff valves and retention necessary. A cartridge mechanical seal, easy to replace, facilitates maintenance of pumps and minimizes downtime.

The pressure sensor mounted in the unit, ensures instant control. In addition to its high resistance to corrosion, the structure and stainless steel manifolds guarantee the quality and purity of water.