Magic MA-RS series should be used when a single system is required, without previous ultrafiltration,  capable of removing organic and inorganic contaminants (SS) and dissolved salts (DS), without risks of premature membranes blockage.

The MA-RS system is designed differently from conventional reverse osmosis concept and was developed by Magic Deinav in an investigation of several years, with excellent results in real facilities.

The MA-RS system is recommended for small or medium volume treatment (up to 3000 m3/day production) with an intended use of the system between 5000-6000 hours/year. With this type of application, the useful life of the membranes in a MA-RS equipment is maintained equal to membranes integrated in a conventional reverse osmosis system  that treats clean well water. The MA-RS systems are also applicable where space limitations do not allow the installation of a previous ultrafiltration system and/or when economic constraints exist.

The MA-RS systems essentially consist in a submicronic treatment and a special reverse osmosis unit capable of a recovery between 60 and 65%.

The special design of the membrane racks, along with other special features of the system, allow extremely low energy consumption, arround of 0.36 kW / m3, with water input from municipal WWTP with 2000 ppm total dissolved solids.