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The Magic water treatment  division was founded in February 1982. The initial idea behind this department was to design and manufacture compact seawater desalinaton systems that could be installed into boats. Since then, the Magic’s water treatment division has continued growing and developing new products for the marine and terrestrial water suitability of the needs of people and industries.

The Magic R+D department is fully equiped with its own laboratory, engineers and technicians, some with more than thirty years experience in water treatment. Magic’s water treatment units are at the forefront of technology, high reliable and sold at competitive prices.

Currently, our water treatment division has distributors in over 15 countries and is continuously expanding.

We commit to continuously offering top products meeting the requirements of our costumers whilst guaranteeing the best service and price.

Magic, is a member of the Spanish Association of Water Treatment and Control, AQUA SPAIN, and AQUA EUROPE.

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