MIT source a variety of Power Take Offs (PTO’s) and Marine Gears and Transmissions from Technodrive, a subsidiary of TwinDisc. 

Power Take Offs

Technodrive power take-offs can be coupled directly to diesel engines with SAE flanges. They can be used for a variety of industrial and marine applications where there is a need to disengage movement from the engine to the driven unit, such as the compressor drives, fan and pumps. The mechanically controlled dry-disc clutch is equipped with housing and supported by a shaft.

The Technodrive range covers a power range between 15 and 700kw.

Marine Gears

The range of Technodrive Marine Gears now forms part of the complete range offered by Twin Disc. There are more than 30 different marine transmission models in a variety of configurations ranging from 35 to 2600 horsepower.  There are Marine Transmissions that fit the horsepower and operating needs of any application.