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Equipments are designed to treat brackish surface water, sea water, well water, secondary waste water from urban sewage and processes and can cover a multitude of applications.

Some examples of their application can be industry, potable water, sewage, irrigation, beverages, cheese, mining, poultry, electrophoretic paint, pharmaceuticals, breweries, potato processing, etc.

The system uses hollow fiber membranes, out-in filtration type, with forced aeration during periodic backwashing. The WR system has proven superior performance in comparison to other ultrafiltration designs. Low pressure operation and minimum consumption of chemicals during cleaning ensures very low operating cost.

Compact equipment from 15 to 1000 m3/day water production.


  • Compact design built on platform or inside container
  • Stainless steel structure lacquered platform and reinforced polyester fiberglass eliminates corrosion problems
  • Low power consumption with electronic control of all pumps and instant feedback of operational parameter
  • Electronic monitoring. Digital  or touch screen, depending on the model. The operating parameters are controlled in situ and remotely via the Internet (optional for models with touch screen)
  • Product water <0.1 NTU
  • Higher production equipment on demand

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