When only is required eliminate contamination by organic and inorganic particles (suspended solids- SS), the appropriate treatment system will be ultrafiltration equipment WR series.

WR ultrafiltration systems may be applied when the salinity of the water to be treated meets the salinity requirements for its use (WR systems do not act on the minerals disolved or dissolved solids- DS).

The ultrafiltration system developed by Magic-Deinav, uses hollow fiber membranes, with directed flow from outside to inside of the membrane, increasing the filtration area considerably. The membranes are constructed of Polyetersulfona (PES), that improves the durability of the membrane.

In most cases, the WR system is capable of treating bettween 85 and 95% of feed water and the resulting quality is < the SDI 1 value.

The energy consumption of the equipment WR is about 0.07 kW/m3 produced, whereby operating costs are extremely low.