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Magic´s Water Treatment Division was created in 1982 with the aim of developing and manufacturing compact sea water desalination plants for land and boat installation. Since then, this division has experienced a rapid growth thanks to reaserch and innovation in the development of new products that have made it possible to position the brand as a benchmark in the market.

The design of a wide model range allows the treatment of water to the needs of sector such as catering, hospitality, livestock, agriculture, mining, pharmaceutical,  food industry,…etc, covering all sectors where quality water or of certain specifications is required.

Margic´s R&D department, with own laboratory and a team made up of technicians and engineers, some with more than 30 years of experience in water treatment and reverse osmosis system design, allow Magic´s equipments to always be at the vanguard of technology, required in the manufacturing of systems with high reliability, efficiency and durability at competitive prices, always considering operational cost, easy installation and maintenance.


Membrane Antiscalants

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Variable Frequency Drives

Pressure Boosting Systems

UV Sterilizers

Controllers and Sensors


Magic, is member of the Spanish Asociation of Water Control and Treatment, AQUA ESPAÑA, itself being member of AQUA EUROPE.

Magic has a wide network of distributors in different countries in order to offer the best solutions in water treatment to all regions where quality water is required.